Natural recommendations for pale skin

Your skin may occasionally appear pale, lifeless and neglected for some reason. This will affect both your daily life and your special days. With a few methods you can make your home look pale, lifeless and neglected: bright, healthy and well-groomed.
The pale, lifeless and matte skin is the process of cleaning the dead skin cells in the upper layer of the skin. Generally, this situation which occurs after stress, intense tempo and excessive makeup may also occur for different reasons.


Lemon is known for its abundance of vitamin C. Vitamin C is very effective in regulating skin melanin secretion. The substance that gives the skin its natural color is melanin. In addition, citric acid found in lemon juice helps cell renewal. Cut a slice of lemon and apply it directly to your face or another point where you want to improve your body. Or you can apply a piece of cotton to your skin by wetting it with lemon juice.


Onion milk is a great product that will allow you to have healthy skin all year round. Should only be applied externally to remove unwanted acne scars, spots and wrinkles. Puree one red onion in the kitchen robot and soak one piece of cotton into the resulting milk. Apply this milk directly onto wrinkles or stains. Leave for 10 minutes and rinse with cold water. You may feel a burning sensation if the area you are applying is irritated. In this case, your skin should be in contact with onion milk.


Bathing in lactic acid in the milk helps to get rid of dead cells, resulting in a cleaner and softer skin. Lactic acid also has the added value of brightness. For this reason, it helps to reduce stains and provide a healthier color. Make your own ın facial mask uğu using a cotton pad soaked in warm milk.


Generally, sliced ​​cucumber is placed on the eyes during skin care. The dense moisture contained in the cucumber serves to rest and relax the tired eyelids. Cucumbers are also rich in vitamin E and natural oils. This makes it one of the products we can use to brighten the skin. Cucumber will add beauty and sparkle to your skin. It also softens your skin and removes wrinkles with stains. All you have to do is rob a cucumber, remove the seeds and put them in the kitchen robot until the paste is thick. Leave this paste on your skin for 20 minutes and rinse. You will notice the results almost instantly.

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