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What should we pay attention to in baby safety?

If you are a parent who expects a baby, or if you have young children, one of the things you should definitely do is to make your home baby-child friendly. Babies and children are curious beings: Especially when they are new to the crawling and walking period, they take steps to explore fearlessly with their hands and eyes. Naturally, your home is pretty everyday for adults, such as sockets, medicines, cleaning products, but potentially dangerous goods and vehicles for babies and children are also waiting to be discovered, and the journey of children to discover these things can be quite dangerous for child development.

Many parents think of their home as one of the safest places for their babies before they have a baby. However, a home where a grown-up can live comfortably is filled with many dangers for babies and children. Surprisingly, home accidents are the fifth most common cause of childhood deaths. The most common home accidents are falling, drowning and fire.

Big or small, take this precaution without accidents and make your home ready for the little explorers. So when your newborn starts to crawl and rise up, you’ll get rid of the hop up, the hop up, a little bit.

With a few minor changes, you can make your home baby-child friendly and get rid of the worry that your baby or child will be hurt at home.

20 Steps to Create a Safe Home for Your Baby:

1.Fix household items for babies

When your baby starts to crawl, he can walk to the bottom of the tables or head down the side of the bookshelves. So you must fix everything that is at risk of falling or tipping. (Eg bookcase, television, closet)

● In addition, you should place your photo frames in such a way that they do not fall under the effect of shaking. In case of falling glass cuts may affect baby health badly.

2. Your toilet seat may not be dangerous to you

but it is a place for a curious little boy who is at risk of falling or suffocation. So always keep your toilet seat closed when not in use and lock it with a lid lock if you have the possibility. Thus, you can eliminate the chances that child development may be dangerous.

3. Secure the cords of the cables to the wall

Circumferential cables can create risks for your crawling baby, such as electric shock or falling on heavy objects as a result of several hang-ups. For baby safety, you should pay attention to all electrical aspects.

4. Cover open sockets

Place large furniture in front of them for extra security.

5. Pay attention to household appliances

If possible, remove small home appliances, such as toasters, irons, blenders, after use, and make sure that their cords do not hang out. Activate the child lock of your dishwasher and refrigerator. Place your microwave and oven in places where your baby cannot open the door and use caution against burns. Because the possibility of your baby burning was a very dangerous possibility for the development of the baby.

6. Protect your fingers

Place cutter tools at home, out of reach of your children like scissors, knives. One of the biggest reasons for finger jam is that children play with the doors, so you can get them from the mechanisms that allow the doors to close slowly.

7. Avoid burning!

Never place your hot coffee on the edge of the table. Unwanted burns may occur when your baby wakes the table and pulls the tablecloth. Put matches and lighters out of reach of children. Also, prevent your child from climbing into the stove and lock the oven door with tires.

● The match or candle that you have left in your child’s reach can also cause a fire. The match may cause accidental fire and the candle may cause suffocation if it is taken into the mouth. Therefore, store combustible and hazardous products, such as matches, candles or lighters, out of reach of your baby / child.

8. Make sure your baby’s bed guard is secure

There should never be enough space between the guards to insert your baby’s head. If you can pass a bottle to the other side between your hand and the protection, the guards are very wide. Always support pillows, blankets and plush dolls around your baby’s frequently used area.

9. Do not place your baby’s bed near the window.

Child falls from the window is a common occurrence around the world. Insect-blocking networks are not enough to protect your child, if you want full security, get special screens that can be mounted on the window for child safety. So you can feel comfortable in terms of child development.

● Also, keep your furniture out of the windows.

10. Keep the curtains of the sliding curtains away from your child’s bed

Every cord that your child can reach is at risk of suffocation. With this in mind, put the cords in inaccessible places for baby safety.

11. Limit the areas you don’t want your baby to go to the wooden walkways

The most common cause of home accidents is fall with a rate of about 44%. If you are sitting in a multi-storey house, you should definitely place these crossings at the beginning and end of the ladder. Choose the check which is fixed on the wall, not the use of opening and closing gates as accordions.

● Another reason for the falls is sourness. If you sprinkle under the carpets in your home under anti-slip pads, you reduce the danger. You can also eliminate the dangers of falling from the corner guards for your tables and tables.

● Babies’ vision is not as good as adults. If you have glass sliding doors in your house, you can stick colored stickers on top of them to protect your crawling baby from them, so your baby does not hit the glass doors.

12. Make sure your baby’s diaper is secure

Most of the time you will do this on a table. But you have to be careful: Your baby will learn to turn over his body in a very short time. So if you are changing your baby’s place in a place where there is no protection around you, you should have all the materials needed for the sub-replacement. Never, never leave your baby alone in this area. Because the possibility of your baby falling down is a factor that will negatively affect baby health.

13. Choose toys suitable for your child’s age

When buying toys for your child, always buy toys according to the age range specified by the manufacturer. Babies, especially in the period of teething, because they will take everything in their mouths toys should always be large, broken and removed pieces of toys must be removed.

● Latex balloons are very dangerous for children under 8 years of age. In case of ingestion, these balloons may cover your child’s throat and cause suffocation.

● As soon as your baby is able to move his feet and arms, remove the toy on top of the bed – this can create a dangerous situation by entangling or hanging.

14. Keep your toy boxes safe

Heavy, instead of closing boxes; Plastic, separate the lid from the box and choose the lightweight toy boxes. In IKEA you will find such toy boxes.

15.. Keep your baby safe in the car

Place your baby on the seat for babies until the age of two. When buying a seat for your child, avoid getting a second hand and follow all instructions when installing the seat.

16. Bath time

Make your baby enter the bathroom a fun and loving activity. Always measure water with a thermometer before your baby enters. The temperature of the water should not be more than 49 ° C. To prevent your baby from slipping, cover the floor of the bathroom with special anti-slip coatings and cover the taps with soft guards. Most importantly, never leave your baby alone in the bathtub.

17. Particular considerations for your child’s safety in pools

You should turn your pool about 1.5 meters fence until your child learns to swim. This fence must be reliable and robust. Mechanisms and alarms that cover the top of the pool provide additional possibilities to increase protection. Do not leave the toy walking in the pool – it will attract your child’s attention. And keep an eye on your child as it is in the bathtub.

18. Keep waste away from your children

The garbage you no longer use can be a treasure for your babies to be discovered. Please note that in your garbage; battery, bulb, out of date food products, cleaning products, such as things that can be very dangerous for your baby. Therefore, keep your garbage out of reach of children.

19. Keep chemicals away from your baby

Store chemicals such as detergents and rinse aid in your home and keep it in a high-position cupboard if possible. If there is any chemicals or other dangerous equipment in a low-position cupboard, lock it.

20. Keep your child away from drugs

Keep all your medicines in a high-positioned and locked cabinet. Always keep your medicine in the box. Do not store in colorful, ornamented and childish containers. Be careful not to take medication in front of your child – even if you have vitamins. Because he might wonder and imitate your behavior. If you take medication in front of your child and asks what happened, never, never say ne sugar ve to the drug. Put your old medicines in tightly attached pouch with the things your child does not want to touch.

21. Pay attention to money batteries

The money-shaped batteries from watches and some toys have a higher voltage than others. When your baby is curious about everything and trying to keep it in his mouth, leaving the battery covers open can cause great troubles. Therefore, be careful when storing small hazardous batteries.

22. Move down to your baby’s level

As an adult, you may not understand how she sees the world, even if you observe your child. So look on your knees, in your crawling position, what is in your eye area? So you will notice the things that attract his attention from your baby’s eyes and take precautions accordingly.

This list can be very detailed and complicated, especially for expectant mothers. These are our humble suggestions and measures that we believe will reduce the mother’s baby’s concern about safety at home.

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