Water Wave Hairstyles Suitable for Each Hair Type

Water wave is one of the most preferred hairstyles of women. This hairstyle that you can use at night or at night is a model that looks pretty good for women who get bored of plain hair.

Water wave hairstyles give women a natural look and a very elegant appearance. This hairstyle you can use on a daily basis can also be used for an elegant evening meal. Water wave models are among the most preferred water wave mesh models. This hairstyle gives women both innocence and naturalness. The knitting model, which is one of the most preferred models for women for centuries, is combined with the water wave and causes a cool appearance.

You can be the star of the day with knitting patterns that you can apply at home. To do this, first of all take two tufts of the top of your hair in the form of herringbone. Then fasten the two tufts with the help of a wire buckle. Shape the remaining hair with the help of a tong as a water wave. Finally, with the help of a spray to help your hair last long.

The water wave is no longer applied only as perma. You can make your own water wave model in half an hour with the help of water wave curling iron. After the water wave irrigator is thoroughly warmed, give your hair a pinch shape. You should do this application to pinch all your hair. After making a hairstyle for all your hair, you should open your hair with a big toothed comb. And finally you should fix your hair with a spray or wax to last long.

Well, you both have very little time and do not want to deal with tongs? Then we’ll tell you a little practical way from the tongs. For this method, separate your hair with a few handles and shape it with the blowing brush. Then fasten it to your hair with the help of a wire buckle. After doing this all the hair spray spray and wait 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, open your hair and get those natural waves you want.

Water wave model is not just for long hair. Water wave short hairstyles are also among the most preferred models. You can drive your wax ahead to give shape to your short hair with tongs. You can reach the waves you want by curling your hair with the tongs.

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Water wave hairstyles continue to be effective in 2019 as well. Water wave model is a practical model that can be used by all women with short, medium or long hair. If you are close to the ones whose hair is flat, the water wave permits can be exactly the solution you are looking for. Water wave hairstyles consist of tighter or bigger curls than your request. If you’re on a natural look, you should make sure the curls are bigger.

Permanent water wave can last from 6 months to 1 year. At the end of 1 year, the waves begin to deteriorate and return to their original state. This period depends on the structure of your hair and the expertise of the person you make the water wave permeate. If you have permanent perma you can wash your hair with hair cream, you can prevent the hair to wear out.

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If your hair will be exposed to the sun for a long time, you should use hair care products, if you have entered the sea or pool, you should wash your hair as soon as possible. It is recommended to apply a maintenance mask once a week to prevent the chemicals applied during the water wave permeation from damaging your hair. Hair care oils, in particular, provide a significant improvement of the ends of the hair. Water wave can be applied to all treated hair. But in any untreated hair, the water wave may look more pleasant.

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