Water and Horse Chestnut Benefits for Skin

1. Keeps the body cool

Because of the presence of plenty of water in the hot days, especially when consumed in the body to keep cool and resistant to heat provides increased. It helps to keep the moisture in the skin. Especially in the days of Ramadan during the summer days of fasting for the fasting chestnut is a good way to consume without fasting.

2. Reduces skin swelling

use chestnut for all kinds of swelling.Crush the normal chestnut or water chestnut and make it crawl into the bulging areas.

3. Strengthens teeth

Calcium, phosphorus and potassium in terms of good value of the chestnut is consumed in plenty of teeth to increase dental health

4. Improves joint inflammation

the essence of horse chestnut is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, it is common to use it especially in joint inflammation. Particularly, the substance of aescin contained in this essence is an indispensable blessing for people suffering from joint inflammation.

5. Disposing of toxins in the body

water chestnut is very effective in removing toxins from the body. It helps to treat jaundice and similar infections with detox effect.

6. Makes skin look young and shine naturally

It destroys the effects of the skin by combating free radicals due to its detox effect. As a result, you will have a healthier, younger-looking skin that shines more naturally

7. Can be used to treat measles

In measles disease, try to treat the chestnut by extracting the water inside it and applying it to the affected areas.

8. Thickens and gives shine

It helps you have thicker and brighter hair when consumed regularly or when applied to the hair inside the feeder masks.


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