The best and most stylish 11 long hairstyle for women

Hair is an indicator of social patterns and development, but it is also an expression of freedom. Is it possible to understand the effect of the period by looking at the hair types or models as in clothing and accessories? Yes, it is possible. Occasionally, rebellion and sometimes emerged as the pressure with the hairstyles, personalities are the clearest form of expression.

Hairstyles are based on many years and have an important place in cultures. For this reason, it is possible to examine the culture of the cultures of the cultures, even the ways of nutrition, ways of life or even beliefs.

Each period creates its own fashion, for example, in the early 90s, we see women with sharp and asymmetric haircuts born in feminism in the 2000s

How to care for long hair in women?

Long hair is the first choice of every woman, and never lose its effect. Then you need to have information about the care and use. Every woman wants to have long hair, but what is important is to have healthy and long hair. Hair feeds the body as it is nourished by the structure of the body.

  • Regular hair loss gives the opportunity to grow hair,
  • Nutrition is one of the tricks of healthy hair. What you eat feeds your hair and strengthens its structure,
  • One of the most important steps is after shower and shower: Using the right products is the golden rule of hair care,
  • During the shower you need to wash the hair with warm water and take the last rinse water with cold water whenever possible,
  • After the shower, we should take the wetness of her hair with a non-hard cotton towel.
  • Using a hair dryer and exposing the hair to high heat will cause hair troubles,
  • After hair drying, you need to use hair conditioner or hair care oil,
  • Hair care oil used at least twice a week, nourishes the ends of the hair and makes it shine,
  • It is possible to strengthen the hair follicles with hair care mask to be applied once a week to the hair follicles.
  • In short, the definition of healthy and long hair: the right haircut, the right hairdresser and the right care products can specify.

What are the most elegant long hairstyles in women?

Women’s favorite thing is to play with their hair. For women who are not afraid of reflecting their mood on their hair, the meaning of hair is great. Instead of the models we use in our daily life, let’s start with the unusual hairstyles that have attracted much attention in recent times:

African braiding

The african weave, which appears in different thicknesses and colors, is among the popular choices of recent times.

African wave (Afro wave)

This hairstyle that gives natural hair to the hair makes the hair look shorter.


It is an interesting choice for those who want the courage to reflect the spirit of this model!


Hair is the closest model to the scalp.

Modern Knitting Patterns

One of the hairstyles that want talent

Fishtail Braid

It can be applied as single or double weave according to request and hair structure.

Fish Tread Knob Model

It’s a great way to add a romantic look to your hair.


This style of ponytail enriched with weave will be the most stylish choice to save the day.

Natural waves

After shower you can use your hair cream with natural volume and wave.

Wave weave hairstyle

One of the romantic and stylish models

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