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Problems in Infant Skin in Summer Season

Baby skin, which is very sensitive to us, reacts more quickly to heat, sun and sea water in summer. Let’s not forget the extra protection of their sensitive skin while benefiting our children from the blessings of summer.

In summer, many external factors, especially the sun, cause some problems on our skin. Especially children and children who have lower tolerance than external factors can be greatly affected during this period.

At the top of the problems are rash

The most important effect of summer on babies and children is rash. Not changing the diaper frequently enough causes irritation especially in summer. Baby diapers can create a wet and warm environment for babies’ skin. Another reason for skin irritation is friction. In a wet and hot environment, the skin is affected more by friction, so baby rash occurs.

In this case, it is necessary to change the baby’s diaper frequently to prevent any rash. Also, apply diaper rash after each diaper change. In children, diaper rash is an important problem. It can be seen in the folding areas of the arms and legs, the nape and the arms. In this case, light colored, cotton and thin clothes for your children to dress.

Be more careful about the sun

Babies are much less resistant to the sun than an adult. For this reason, it takes a much more careful preparation for the sun. When a baby is 2-3 months old, it can be sunlit. When the factors to be considered at this point are met, sun rays do not harm the baby. For example, do not choose between 10:00 and 16:00, when the sun rays are most dense and do not expose to direct sunlight. Preference is given to non-perfumed, hypoallergenic, baby-specific sun protection products with active substance zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. Certain rules apply to children. You can protect your child with hats and high-factor sunscreens in appropriate time zones.

Pool and after sea care is a must

Summer means the opening of the pool and sea season meant to arrive. However, there is a situation that should not be forgotten that the skin of babies and children is very sensitive. Marine water in particular can negatively affect the skin on the skin. To minimize these effects, first of all shower your baby or your child after each sea and pool. Otherwise, the chlorine in the pool and the sea salt in some of our regions may damage the skin. To prevent dryness as well as the shower, moisturize your baby’s skin with suitable creams.

Shower every day if needed

With the warming of the air, the amount of sweating also increases. This situation causes skin problems such as rash and rash. You can take a shower every day to your baby and child to avoid skin problems. After showering, you may not be able to bind your baby for a while and let the skin breathe.

Drink plenty of water to prevent fluid loss

Children who lose too much fluid due to perspiration should drink plenty of water during this period. Because of the loss of fluid due to a serious drying of the skin is seen. They need to take at least 1.5 liters of water a day to replace their lost fluid and prevent their delicate skin from drying out.

The role of proper nutrition is undeniable

Nutrition is an important issue that is always encountered. As with general health issues, proper nutrition plays an important role in skin health. Therefore, create a nutrition list that will allow your baby or child to take the necessary minerals and vitamins. Make room for milk and dairy products in this list where the fruits and vegetables are headed.

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