Plum Hair Color Models 2019 – Choose Right Color for Your Skin

Plum hair color is a natural blend of red and purple shades that are dark and not very dark and is a tone between eggplant and burgundy hair. This is one of the many non-trendy hair colors, so it feels extremely special but is suitable for all situations.

Since the plum hair color is actually a mixture of mixed shades, we’ll help you find out which variation will best fit your skin tone. If you want to dye your hair in the plum color at home we gave instructions, with the best plum hair dye recommendations you can buy in stores or online.

We also have some care tips, so you can make your plum hair look as vibrant as possible. Those who love the more fashionable hair color are fans of changing them, so we’ve given advice on how to remove the plum hair dye when you want.

The change of dark hair color often requires a re-examination of the style, so we have added some make-up and fashion tips to the plum hair color.

Plum hair dye can be applied in all kinds of techniques, with balloons, ombres, and color initiators, all of which are super popular plum hair options. We show them all in this article, so you can be inspired to try your plum color hair to suit your personal style.

How to Choose the Right Color for Your Skin Tone?

Plum hair color is a kind of purple-red color, which is mostly a mixture of blue and red tones. Blue is a cold color while the red color is hot, so the plum hair color is neutral. If the plum hair color is slightly reddish, then it is considered sayılır warm ”and o cold biraz if it is more blue. It will have a big impact on the relationship with the skin’s lower shades!

Regarding dark skins, plum hair color tends to appear dada beautiful in light-skinned ones as it is actually for dark-skinned ones. Very dark plum hair colors may look a little kesin goth un on a very brunette, so if you don’t have a certain intent, plum magenta may be a better choice.

Now for subtones. With plum hair color, it is best to match lower tones for those who put six warm hues on the skin. With warm undertones, we refer to the skin, which is greenish and with little redness in the skin, and a little yellow. It is best to choose a very warm plum hair color which has a red mixture in the skin, which is slightly warmer.

On the other hand, those with dark skin that look very green are better than choosing an extra airy plum hair color with little redness in it.
Those who have white skin with pinkish sub-tones and have a completely neutral skin may prefer purplish tones.

Getting Plum Hair Color at Home

The best thing about Plum hair color is that it doesn’t really require hair removal! This makes it easier to dye your hair at home, even if your hair is naturally darker. The hair is naturally darker.

If you are hoping for a nice clear plum hair color, you must first open your hair following our instructions here, but in most cases it won’t be necessary. Another option is to use a semi-permanent paint on all sides of the head to lighten your hair with baling technique and then to achieve a fine baling look.

You can also use the shadow technique when applying the plum hair dye, but first consider whether your natural hair color and the combination of your plum hair color are good.

We’re directing here to completely paint unpainted hair. Please note that the paint will not lighten the hair (especially the dyed hair) and that it is difficult to predict how the paint will affect the different colors in general.

How to Keep Plum Hair Color Brilliant

Frequent washing provides dulling of the hair, including plum hair dye. If you have oily hair once or twice a week, try to limit your washing every day at most. If you have a problem with your hair appearing oily or oily, save it by using dry shampoo instead.

  • When you wash your hair, choose a color-protected, non-sulphate shampoo. You can use a shampoo and conditioner that contains a little pigment to refresh the tone of your hair.
  • Have the habit of washing your hair with lukewarm water. Hot water opens the strands and weakens every side of the hair.
  • Excessive heat shaping will damage your hair and plum hair color. An occasional bleaching process can be carried out (with the help of a heat-protective spray), but flattening and tongs can have very heavy damage to the hair.
  • Plum hair color is also easy to freshen up at home, but nowadays, more and more people are flocking to fashionable hair colors. Ulta strengthens the hair and also adds the old vitality to your hair, which is effective against fading hair dyes.
  • Chlorine hair colors are a fast destroyer, so if you are going to the pool, be sure to tie your hair and wear a bone.
  • Exposure to the sun also causes the hair to erode, so wear a hat on sunny days (your skin also thanks to you!) Or use UV protective hair spray or oil.

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