Most Popular Short Hairstyles in 2019 Summer

If you have a round face type, your goal should be to make your face look longer. Pixie is the model that will show your face longer than it is. Wash off. Easily shape with foam! At the same time with this type of short hair to look thin as your face.

The most suitable model bob models for people with heart face type. Because the face is thinner towards the chin, the bob cutting hairstyle at the back of the chin with shorter jaws makes the face look more proportional.

In case of short hairstyles in square face shapes, the aim should be to soften the sharp corners and throw them into the background. Moving cuttings at the neck of the chin are the ones that will be most suitable for this face type. You must give the floors to add movement to your hair.
A short hair cut model to be applied on oval face types should be considered. If your neck is thin and long, you can apply a bumpy model.

In long face types the aim should be to make the face appear shorter than it is. Models with shorter jaws should be avoided. Hairstyles that go further down in the jaw or jaws make the face appear shorter. The most suitable model for this face type is the asymmetric cuts on one side and the other on the chin.

1- It may not be easy to give up your hair. Amanda Seyfried’s use of blond hair is the first step to getting used to this length of short hair!

2- The model that will inspire the braver ones about short haircuts is Zendeya’s bowl cut hair.

3- Vanessa, who adapts to the trend of short haircuts. Normal and fine-stranded hairs may prefer this model. With this type of short hair, your hair looks more voluminous and full.

4- If you want to use the lob model and rivet together, you can get inspired by the hair model Taylor has been using for a long time.

5-Are you looking for a different alternative? This short section of Scarlett Johansson shreds one side of her hair and puts the other side longer!

6- Sarah Hyland with her wavy and short hair she has left. Especially for a thin-stranded hair, a redeeming model. Hairstyles are easily shaped by cuttings.

7 – Short haircuts are one of the rising trends in haircuts. In order to capture the appearance of Rihanna, you should cut your hair at the chin line and remove your hair. The cut haircut is sure to have a clear stance!

8- Or you can think of Miley Cyrus’s shaved men’s cut.

9- One of the names of the short cuts with platinum hair is undoubtedly Michelle Williams. One side of the hair on the other side is short and the other side is short. With the straightener you can put it in this shape for a few minutes.

10- Another suggestion for jaw-line cuts is the cutting of Marion Cotillard. It is also a useful model for normal and fine hair.

11- Lily James, who likes to use the long lobe model with her wavy hair. If your hair is thick, and you avoid very short models, you can think of a cut on your shoulders.

12- Lily Colins’da gradually shortens their hair. Bob first, then cut short with his hair came up in front of us. But in our opinion, this suit suits the most.

13- Jenna and lobe cutting hair

14- For those who want to have a different alternative, the hairstyle and color of Stewart are different from what we are accustomed to.

15- Another name for which short hair looks best is Katie Holmes. If you have a long and thin neck, don’t ever stop.

16- Our advice to those who think of short haircuts Karlie Kloss hair.

17- Jennifer Lopez returned to short hair after a long time. We think it’s good.

18- Jennifer Lawrance, who cuts her hair after having burnt down on her hair, has managed to use her short hair in different ways.

19- Front view of Jenna’s lobe cutting model.

20- January Jones with wavy blond hair is also one of the faces of short hair.

21- Jaimie Alexander brings his face to the fore with his short hair. If your facial features are small, you should definitely consider such a model. It looks pretty cool with a folded section at the jaw line.

22- Emma Stone’s lobe cutting model hair that does not give up yellow and red tones.

23- And again a bob model. This time from Emilia Clarke.

24- Charlize Theron’s face-to-face model can think of people with thin facial features.

25- And we end the list with Beyonce. He is one of the famous asymmetric and lobe haircuts.


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