Make Your Hair Wavy with Straightener

What you feel when you know your hair is perfect. Hair straighteners or flat irons help many women experience this great feeling of hair. Flattening irons not only straighten your hair, but are also used as a curling iron for fresh, water-wave hair. Therefore, finding the best hair straightener is always a necessity for good hair days.

The hair straightener is not just for straightening your hair. You can also use it to curl your hair or get perfect soft water waves in summer. Here’s how you do it!

How to Make Hair Wavy with Straightener?

• Make sure your hair is clean and dry. Hair curl does not work well with dirty and wet hair. To curl your hair with a flat iron, wash it at least 24 hours before curling.

• Apply a heat protector all over your hair as our hair straightener helps create a barrier between your hair.

• Using a comb, divide and clip your hair in several pieces. It doesn’t have to be equal parts. Then, curl the small portions starting from the bottom. Depending on the type of curl you want, you can direct the flat iron away from your face.

• There are two methods of curling using a straightener. Turn the U-iron and the flat iron that shapes your hair onto itself by half-turning. While maintaining this position, slowly move the straightener down the hair. The faster you do it, the less your hair will curl.

• In curls, you should start close to the scalp, but not too close to burn. Clamp off the straightener and turn it on in half a turn. Gently push the flat iron through the hair shaft to the ends.

• Either way, you can try to achieve more pronounced curls by rotating the straightener full turn instead of half a turn.

• To get effortless water waves, do not bend your hair ends, release the iron before reaching the ends. Also, remember that working in smaller sections will give you tighter curls, and in larger sections you will get fluffy, undulating waves. You can also combine different sizes of curls for an interesting look.

• Once done, you can leave your fingers gently sliding along the hair, or you can get more loose curls. Apply plenty of hairspray for a flexible hold.

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