Lavender Hair Ideas Warm,Cold,Olive Skin Tones

Lavender hair colors very similar to the flower called lavender are very trendy in the summer of 2019. Lavender hairstyles, which are very feminine hair color without being ordinary or childish, generally suit all skin tones. We think that lavender hair color may have a similar effect.

Lavender Hair Ideas Warm,Cold,Olive Skin Tones

To help you understand the best lavender hair color for you, I will explain how it looks in different skin tones. However, I can give you step-by-step instructions on what to do to get the perfect pastel lavender hairstyles at home for all DIY enthusiasts.

If you want to get some more inspiration, then we have received samples of the best lavender hair color models. Photos that result in the most spectacular color possible you can show to the hairdresser.

Choosing the Best Lavender Hair Color by Your Skin Tone

Lavender hair colors mean a blue-based hue that is as light as possible. There is not much variation or uncertainty in the subtones of this color, which is certainly cool. Therefore we have to admit that pure lavender hair colors will not work for everyone.

How to Choose the Best Lavender Hair Color Based on Your Skin Tone

First, let’s talk about the light or darkness of the skin. You want some change between the darkness of your skin and the darkness of your hair.
If you have medium, complexion or dark complexion, lavender hair color registers you in a manner similar to blond hair that cannot be washed.

However, if you have lighter skin, it is possible that the lavender hair color will make you look pale, because it will be very similar to your skin color. You can resist this by adding a few dark lines to your lavender hair or making sure your hair is illuminated to a level that is significantly lighter than your skin.

Lavender Hair Color for Cold Skin Tones

Then we need to talk about subtones. Those with cold skin with slightly pinkish undertones and veins that appear slightly purple on the skin tend to look best with lavender hair colors. The hair becomes colder than the skin and as a result makes the skin look super smooth and creamy.

If your skin is cold-toned, definitely try the lavender hair color! Those with more neutral, beige skin tend to look great with lavender hair.

Lavender Hair Color in Warm Skin Tones

Then we have skin warmer, golden or yellow tones. Lavender hair colors, in this case, are a little more difficult to remove because lavender hair color tends to reveal an orange tint on your skin. You can solve this problem by adjusting your makeup and avoiding orange-based tanners.

Alternatively, you can add a few strands of a warmer, more red-based purple or any other natural hair color. Copper and lavender hair dye are increasingly used together, so a few tufts of copper close to the face can be very beautiful.

Lavender Hair Color in Olive Skin Tones

Those who carry the subtones of olives to their skins should probably avoid solid lavender hair styles. Olive skin expresses a yellow-green hue with veins that look too greenish. The cold purple sits exactly opposite the green on the color wheel, so it reveals the greenish tones of the skin more unevenly.

If you really like lavender, but you have real olive subtones, then just consider adding a color to the back or the back of your hair and try a smoother color such as indigo or a more natural hair color.


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