How is graduation makeup done?

Graduation is usually an organization held before the school closes. One of the most important organizations of women, the graduation night to look cool and stylish as well as clothes, hair, shoes as well as make up is also very important. If you want to make an eye-catching and bright make-up out of ordinary days, you don’t need to give money to the hairdresser. You can do both a perfect and bright make-up with practical advice at home. How Does? In our article you will find all the make-up and make-up details, details and tricks of amazing flashy makeup.

An important trick of graduation makeup is to use permanent and water resistant products. For this reason, you can get help from make-up to prevent your makeup from flowing. You can then apply a water-resistant foundation. If your skin does not have redness or pimples, we recommend using a very fine foundation. Because thick foundations will look like a mask on your face. This situation will not be pleasant in photos.

One thing to be careful about skin makeup is that the foundation is the same color as your neck area. Otherwise, you cannot provide complete integrity in your skin tone. If you have an under-eye problem, you can still use a concealer with the same color as your skin tone.
On this special night you can use the blush to look more vivid in the photos. You can also use the contour process to shape the face. If we make a little warning, be sure to make sure that the blush and bronze are well dispersed. In addition, it is possible to prevent color inequalities by applying blush and bronze to the neck area.

If your eyelids are veined, we recommend that you also apply the concealer to these areas. Then you can use headlamp in harmony with your clothing. If your eye shape is suitable for eyeliner application, you may prefer a eyeliner with a tail. Then don’t forget to apply a mascara which will not stay in your eyelashes.

If you want to keep your eye make-up simple and to emphasize your lips, you can of course use dark lipsticks. For effective and lasting lips, first frame your lips with the help of a pen and then slowly fill the inner parts. If you have difficulty in applying the lipstick, it will be easier to take the brush with the material.

On the other hand, it is more pleasant to wear pale lipstick on your lips at the graduation night. This is due to the fact that the make-up is simple and the lipstick refreshing is very difficult at the graduation night.


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