Hair Care Advice for Summer 2019

What Can We Do Against Hair Wear?

As with the skin, different care should be taken for each hair type. We have compiled our recommendations for different hair types and conditions.

Electrified Hair

In the summer, your hair may appear to be electrified with sun and sea salt. To avoid this situation, use moisturizing products and be sure to comb your hair when wet. Your hair may look more fluffy when you scan when it is dry.

Oily Hair

With the temperature of the air more often sweat and such factors also causes our hair to lubricate more quickly. You can try dry shampoos for this. Hair creams by taking the size of walnuts only to feed the ends of the bottom will help less grease.

Lifeless Hair

You can choose shampoos that give volume to add motion to your hair that is extinguished and lifeless, or you can use your styling foam products to make your hair look more vibrant than it is.

Dry Hair

Your hair may have lost moisture due to sea, sand and sun. You can choose moisturizing shampoos to restore the moisture needed by your hair.

Broken Hair

It would be much better to start by getting your hair broken. In addition, during the day, do not separate hair serum, spray, gel, such as protective products and use after the exit from the sea.
Another thing that threatens your hair is to use products such as tongs and straighteners. This type of hair styling products that give heat will damage your hair more than ever.

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Colored Hair

Dyed hair is the hair that needs more care in summer. For this, before going into the sea or pool, you can comb your hair with a protective cream. When washing your hair, you should prefer shampoos and creams for dyed hair.

Also available in the market for products containing sunscreen, Ultraviolet or SPF. We recommend that you do not miss these items on the beach and under the sun.

Faded Hair Colors

The color of your hair may be faded due to the sun and sea. For this purpose, you can wash the faded hair with a color protective shampoo every 2 washes.

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