Eyelash Extension Ways with Indian Oil

Castor oil is the first choice for those who want to extend their natural eyelashes. The use of castor oil is known to have a history of 1000 years in the ancient Middle East and India. In this article, we will explain how to choose Indian oil and how to apply it to your eyelashes.

How to make Indian Oil for eyelash extension?

To extend your eyelashes, choosing the right Indian Oil is very important. While shopping, make sure that the label is cold pressed. As these products are natural, the contents of your eyebrows will be preserved.

How to apply Indian oil for eyelash elongation?

Indian oil is very safe to use because it does not contain toxic substances. People with short, thin and fragile lashes can use Indian oil with peace of mind. You should do the castor oil just before sleeping at night and the Indian oil must penetrate your eyebrows while you sleep. To apply Indian oil to your lashes, you will need a clean mascara and ear swab.

  • Wash and dry your entire face and eye area before starting.
  • Immerse the mascaras in Indian oil and make sure that the excess ones drip when you remove them.
  • Start driving from the inside of your eye. Apply to ensure that your lashes are completely covered.
  • Complete both your hedgehogs in this way. If there is no leakage or spillage to the eye area, you can intervene immediately with the ear swab.
  • You can sleep after completing the procedure. Don’t forget to clean your lashes when you wake up. Do not make up your eyelashes, especially without cleaning.
  • Continue this process daily and start taking the results you want from 2 weeks.


Castor oil and olive oil with eyelash extension

Because olive oil also has an effect of lashing eyebrows and eyebrows, mixing with castor oil may have an accelerating effect on eyelash extension. Mix equal amounts of olive oil and olive oil and apply the same mascara as described above. Continue for 2 weeks in a day or day to day. At the end of 2 weeks you can continue according to the results.

Reviews of eyelashes with castor oil

  • Some of the users say that they have a fog in their eyes after putting on their lashes. It is best to clean it after taking off in the morning before going to bed at night.
  • They say that their eyelashes are visibly prolonged in a period of 6 weeks, which is usually very satisfied with the results.
  • He’s got eyes on him, but his eyes don’t burn. You still have to hold the ear swabs out of the way, no matter what happens.
  • It is said that eyelashes are not only prolonged, but also reach a fuller appearance.
  • As an alternative to Indian oil, daffodil oil and almond oil have been the ones who have tried, and have good results.


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