Ear piercings: The coolest trend of the summer of 2019

Body jewelry is more popular than ever this year, and we share to you this summer which fashionable sparkles can instantly reinforce your appearance.

The most famous fashion bloggers show that in 2019, those who think that piercings will no longer be fashionable are wrong. As a result, the pieces of jewelry that adorn our body are in more demand than ever and add an extra charm to our summer look. Whether it’s a high lobe, septum or ear: our ears are the most preferred place for piercing this season. If you still have space in your ear and want to have a new piercing, try it. We’ll show you the best options to inspire you first, so you’ll definitely be able to choose fashionable piercings…

Ear piercings: The coolest trend of the summer of 2019

Piercings have been decorating our bodies for years and the trends are going to come just like clothes. But after years of belly buttoning, tongue and nose piercing became the trend, focus came especially to the ears! They are adorned with pieces of jewelry, with virtually no limit to what is happening. A lot of famous ladies prove how comfortable and sexy it can be. It is important to distinguish between the different parts of the ear, the most popular is the piercing that sits directly in the middle of the ear and passes through the inner ear cartilage. It is better to wear a particularly elegant ring.

Already in addition to the classic, the normal hole in the earlobe – helical
piercing, because this is less experimental. This is a simple ear hole drilled on the outer edge of the pinna, which is most elegantly visible with a delicate ring. However, if you like it a bit more, you can choose to decide on a wider ring with stone or ornaments. It is also very rebellious and a bit more special, the second, a classic hole in the High Lobe Piercing. Great thing: it can be combined perfectly with regular earrings.

Sea shell piercing in the inner cartilage of the ear. Since the auricle belongs to the largest parts of the ear, it is usually possible to wear a few piercings here. However, there is also the outer shell piercing that has been in everyone’s mouth since last year. It is located in the groove above the pina and looks particularly elegant with a narrow or shimmering ring. Anyone who has or plans a new piercing can see it in the pictures below. To give you insight, we chose extremely stylish ear piercings

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