11 Ear Piercing Names : Orbital , Auricle , Daith , Conch

There are quite a lot of people bored from the normal earrings. Though some models are quite risky and painful, ear piercing suggestions are coming from people who discover a new place for ear piercing names every day;

Orbital Model

For the orbital piercing, you have to have two earrings holes in the same position that falls together. In this way, you can try interesting shapes on your ear with a suitable earring.

Auricle Model

This name is given to the area where you can drill from the middle of your ear to the top.

Anti Tragus Piercing

Such an image appears when the part above the earlobe (anti tragus) is pierced in parallel. It must also bring abundant cartilage structure and pain and pain.

Daith Piercing

Having this extremely stylish piercing means that you can’t lie on your ears for weeks. With Rihanna’s efforts, she became a very trendy model.

Penelope Cruz Style

Penelope Cruz started this current in the upper part of the ear downward sweetly pierced. Even Almodovar couldn’t possibly try to explain his pain

Conch Piercing

Another model with 50 paper cuts. This is done by puncturing the slight elevation in the area directly into your ear.

Anti Helix Model (Trend Alert!)

Anti Helix is ​​a new model with relatively less pain. It has become quite popular in Holywood. A couple of them side by side or a single piece is quite stylish in every way.

The Tragus Model

Tragus is also a well-known model led by Rihanna. It is possible to capture different styles with different earring models.

Rook Model

In the Daith piercing model, an upper neighbor of the drilled cartilage is drilled in this ear piercing names.

Tunnel Model

A model that looks different unless exaggerated. Don’t ever try if you think you can’t stand bad jokes.

Industrial Piercing

It’s one of the interesting models if you really want to try something really different.



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