Braid Hairstyles: The most beautiful styles for short hair

If you think you need long hair for beautiful and exciting braid hairstyles, you are wrong. Because these 5 styles prove that short hair is also possible.
You can try these braid short hairstyles for a charming summer party, your best friend’s wedding or an afternoon where you just rest for a picnic in the park. We love to try your luck and renew our hair with a stylish hairstyle, these styles are for you. If your hair is cut in fashionable short cuts, you can use these detailed braids even for very short hair.

Braid Hairstyles 2019 2020: The most beautiful styles for short hair


The number one help for braids for short hair: hairpin or strand. Because the problem with short hair is that the hair is not long enough to end in braids. But with braids, you can easily fool, consider a crown of fake braids on your head. The short bob hairstyle is styled with braids and embellished with glittering hairpins. Ideal for a wedding or a hot summer night.

Boho braids

The hippies are back! At least styles. Currently, the 70s seems to be more popular fashion than ever. It’s all about one thing: not just to make your appearance look perfect. You can make a great impression with stylish Boho braids. Weave strips along the face and are secured with gel and hairspray. Looks like you’ve only got braided hair.

Half up

Boho weaves are as easy as semi-high weaves. Meaning: Instead of weaving the whole hair in a braid, only the tops are made of a fine braid or French braid. Half the job, double action. Not only does the look open the face, but it also keeps your face away from disturbing hair in the wind. It is a great hairstyle for long festive days and weekends where you have to wait to wash your hair.

Dutch Braiding

Similar to the first look, short hair is braided in a Dutch style close to the head, which means that the hair is braided from the inside out. This creates a braiding effect on the hair. Also decorate with flower buckles or dried flowers.

90’s feelings

Everyone who grew up in the 90s will remember the endless days of braiding. After all, all the hair had to be stranded. Fortunately, in short hair this does not last that long and still gives us a cool 90s mood.


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