Benefits of Ice to the Skin and Acne

The ice obtained by freezing of water is colorless and crystalline. Ice is lighter than water because strong hydrogen bonds cause more gaps between molecules. The ice, which works better in hot weather, is used to cool the drinks, to drink spaciously, and to easily separate the gum sticking to the hair. According to a statement made by experts, wrinkles to acne can be used in skin care. When you learn how to apply ice to the skin, the ice can become the new best friend of your skin. The ice has more benefits than you think. So what are these benefits? Let’s learn out the benefits of ice to skin …

Thanks to its ice-firming properties, it is the most practical maintenance method that helps shrink the expanding pores. This care also provides a healthy and youthful appearance of the skin, triggering blood circulation. If you want to tighten your pores with ice, wrap a few ice into a clean cloth. Then crawl on your face at intervals of 15-30 seconds. You can do this application several times a day.

Ice is not only in skin care, but it plays a major role in the reduction of acne. As it accelerates the blood circulation in the skin, it makes the pimples disappear easily. The ice also removes oil and dirt from the skin. Thus, problems such as pain and inflammation caused by acne are prevented. Wrap the ice cubes in a clean cloth and hold them on the pimples for a few seconds. Press gently occasionally. You can easily try twice a day to get rid of your pimples.


  • The ice, which activates the skin cells, removes the darkness of the skin and allows it to whiten.
  • Increases blood circulation, ice, skin to remove the faded and helps to look alive.
  • Ice cubes are very effective in passing sun burns. If you are in trouble with the sun burns, wrap in clean cloth and apply to your skin. Be careful not to make direct contact.

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