Beautiful Medium Length Hairstyles for Women of all ages

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We show you medium size women’s haircuts that are fashionable. We will analyze all medium cuts for women with multiples and bangs, whether round and long faced, curly or straight hair. Not forgetting two medium star cuts: Bob Cut and Messy cut.

To know which haircut we feel better, we need to take into account various factors, the first thing we need to know is the type of face we have. Therefore, we will begin the article that analyzes cut models for round and long faced women. Join us!

Medium length haircuts 2019 2020

Round Face medium length haircuts

As we said, the first thing we need to know when choosing a cut and hairstyle is the type of face we have. Let’s see the best cuts on the round face.

If we have a round face, the target is the best thing we can do to gain volume and achieve it in the upper part is to choose bob cut with long layers.

We can also make a smooth hair and a slightly longer choice, extending the facial oval with the ribbon in the middle of this path and achieving more volume, the final target. In the gallery below, you will find photographs of medium-length haircuts for round faces and more.

Long Face Medium Length haircuts

If you don’t know which one to choose, curly hair is the best choice for a long, thin face shape, because we don’t know which haircut is best suited to long faces. Long, straight hair doesn’t look good because it makes your face even longer.

With curly medium-sized hairstyles, you’ll get a change of volume and look that will look great on the sides.

Medium Length Hairstyles Summer 2019 Bob Cut

Bob is one of the most popular cuts. Bob cut with different styles: bob cut, long bob, short bob have many trend models…

The purpose of this haircut is to frame your face and add movement to your style and look. Both scattered and a ponytail can be made, either way befits you.

Medium-Sized Messy Cut

Scattered cuts have been used since the 70s, 80s and 90s to make sure they are stylish and accurate. Many layers and shaded hair enhance the effect of movement.

The messy effect usually suits blunt hair, and creating some waves gives this haircut another feature.

If you want to look younger you can always make a wet effect with a better gel as mentioned in this section and can give one of each personal touch.

This Summer 2019 is a trend that has the ability to use half-ply hair, but to be with coats. The coats give us volume and make the hair look beautiful for longer, because it adds movement to the appearance.

In addition, another advantage of the plies is that we can use them in different shapes and lengths.

A folded or stepped haircut may look bad when you have too much hair and it is very hot during these months. If you want to get ideas for this summer, make a cut with thin layers.

Medium Curly Hairstyles

We should always focus on curly or wavy hair; that is, women who want to gain volume must curl or wave their hair.

Depending on the amount of volume you can make as little or as much exaggerated hair as you want, but women generally prefer movement and freshness in symmetrical cuts.

During combing, we recommend that you keep the strip in the middle and the hair in front of the shoulders, that is, on the hair. Take a closer look at the gallery below for more insight into medium curly hair.

Medium length straight hairstyles

After seeing curly or wavy hair, it’s time to focus on smooth straight medium length hair, which is an outdated cut, which means that it is an attentive and sophisticated hair.

It is fashionable to use average straight hair, but they usually use it with a straight, open or biased (cut) type of laughter.

If you’d like to see more examples of girls with straight haircuts, we invite you to the photo gallery below to find out which of these hairstyles suits you best

Medium length bangs haircut

We usually think of bangs to match a hair style or look, but considering the type of face we have, we can choose one type or something.

Bangs are used to draw attention to some facial features and to balance the features. Now let’s see three kinds of bangs: straight, laterally or inclined and open.

Straight angs must cover the eyebrows.

Side bangs medium length hair

The most popular bangs of all time by women are the side bangs segments, and this is the fact that it supports the majority and is very ideal for all types of long, medium length and short segments.

The best option for women with square, triangular and heart-shaped is to choose a sloping bangs because the volume decreases.

It will also be very good in two ways, with the middle bangs soften the face and the hair can be used as messy or collected.

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