Asymmetric Bob Cutting Model for Fine Stranded Hair

Asymmetric Bob Cutting Model for Those with Fine Stranded Hair

Asymmetric bob is shown as a haircut that gives you the option to always give your hair the density you want.

The volume in our hair can be seen as something simple in the photos we see on the catwalks or magazines. Unfortunately, this situation is complicated when you want to bring this feature to life and you have fine textured hair. If we don’t have our products or the right cut, the very fine hair becomes very smooth and voluminous. However, 2019 came to show us the solution of this. Asymmetric bob cut hairstyles great

Asymmetric bob cut hairstyle

Bob is a trendy haircut for 4 years, but it is asymmetrical in style (and volume).

How to cut the asymmetric bob hairstyle?

The asymmetric bob is a shorter section than the other with slightly diagonal stripes. As a result, the hair seems to have more volume. One of the best advantages? If the weather is dry, you will play in your favor and become one of the coolest girls. In the summer of 2018 is said to be a much talked haircut.

If the volume with just haircuts is not enough, you need to add the hair products that obtain it. Just apply a mask to get this effect, not the hair sprays. Our favorite is Densite Kerastase or Moroccan Oil volumizing (you can only find in specialty stores). The latter can be applied to the scalp once a week for 10 minutes, and after drying your hair, you can see that your hair has a higher density, but if you combine it with a bob of this kind, it will certainly give you a perfect result for the whole day.

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