5 Tips for Perfect Horsetail

What should we do to perfect the ponytail from our most used hairstyles?

Horsetail models can be a real lifeguard! In particular, if you do not have enough time for different styling techniques and hairstyles that require work, we will immediately run to our order. If you’re going to a sport, a job interview, or meeting with your friends, you can keep a stylish horsetail under your hair. In the rest of our article, you’ll find 5 practical styling tricks to make your ponytail look great every time!

The point where you collect your hair is important

Ensuring that the ponytail looks perfect depends mostly on where you collect it. If you want to look taller, you should create a ponytail on the hill, and this also makes your hair look more voluminous. You should prefer a ponytail on your neck or on your neck rather than the high ponytail, even if your hair is thick and stiff.


To make the ponytail look longer, divide the hair into the top and the bottom, creating two ponytail in the bottom. Make sure you hide your ponytail well, so that it doesn’t come out! Like Jennifer Lopez, the stars that wore their ponytail are too much, it must be a good idea, right?


To prevent the ponytail from falling over the day, after fastening with a rubber pin, you can support it from the bottom with 2 or 3 wire pins. Under the ponytail, you can fasten wire buckles perpendicular to the rubber buckle.


You can apply a volumizing hair spray and press it with your hands to make the long part of the ponytail look a bit lush and full. You can also creme after spraying for a little more volume look.

Prevent electrification

To prevent flying little hair, you can apply a lot of fixing spray to an old toothbrush and lightly scan this little hair.

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