5 Steps to a Healthy Skin!

Do not forget to apply moisturizer

With the fall of the skin dryness complaints are increasing. Moisturizers that protect the skin from harmful external factors by forming a thin protective layer on the skin surface, protects the skin against cracking, scaling and spills.
However, as in cleaning products, moisturizers based on skin type should be preferred. Especially those who have a oily skin, should choose water-based ones with low fat content. Otherwise oil ratio can increase the formation of blackheads and acne with high moisturizers

Do not leave your skin dehydrated

The skin is the biggest organ that surrounds our entire body and protects it against all kinds of external factors. important. As a result of feeding the skin with insufficient amounts of water, you can invite you to wrinkles, cracks and many different skin disorders.

To delay the effects of aging;

Review your daily eating habits to slow down and prevent the effects of aging on the skin. Dr. Lightning, healthy skin, especially fruits, vegetables and protein-rich diet underlines. When you consume food, don’t forget to see how much sugar they contain. Because sugar and carbohydrate-rich nutrition affects the health of the skin negatively.

Sleep 8 hours a day

These free radicals accumulate over time, causing deterioration in the healing mechanism of the body and causing even small pimples to heal. In the same way, wrinkles, loss of elasticity, deterioration in the pore structure, hair loss and breakage on the nails are inevitable. Therefore, sleep 8 hours per day is very important in terms of skin health.

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