17 Practical Information That Everyone Should Know About Hair

1- Attach the wire buckles with the long side up so that they keep your hair tight and do not slip.
2- After washing your hair, comb with a wide tooth comb. Other combs cause damage to your hair. Keep a comb in the shower to make it even easier to crawl and scan when your hair is creamy.

3- Do not sleep with cotton-sheathed pillows. Cotton sticks the moisture of your hair and causes your hair to break. Don’t be surprised by silk or satin hairs.
4- If you have difficulty fixing the wire buckles to your hair, squeeze the hair spray before fixing your hair. This feather is especially for straight and fine hair!

5- In each shower, massage your hair at the bottom, do not feel cold and do not waste time. Massage accelerates the flow of blood and allows your hair to grow faster. But more importantly, by increasing the circulation by accelerating the flow of blood, your mood will be improved, your stress will be reduced and your pain will end.
6- In the days when you can not find the opportunity to take a shower, remove the excess oil in your hair with a napkin.
7- A feather that everyone who has a hair tail should know; fake tail Make a super long ponytail with a little trick.

8- If you do not want your hair to become electrified and swell, dry it with a T-shirt instead of a towel.
9-Do not wash hair in rainy weather, if possible. Add the conditioner into the water spray to prevent frizz and squeeze it into your hair.
10- For a fuller, voluminous appearance, make sure that your hair rests randomly on your head and spray hair spray on it.

11- Get help from the wire buckles to make your ponytail look fixed and bulky at the top.

12- To keep your hair fixed on one side, collect a pinch of hair by the nape with a hairpin.
13- Mix a teaspoon and sea salt into the mineral water and make your own hairspray.

14- To eliminate the electrified appearance in the braided pattern hair, pass over your hair strands with a toothbrush.

15- Apply the same color of eye shadow to your hair to make your hair look more lush.

16- If your hair is dry, apply hair conditioner before the use of shampoo. After waiting for a few minutes you can remove and wash your hair.

17- If your whites come from the bottoms, paint your hair with mascara.

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