10 Cool Women Hairstyles That Inspire Your Look

Perhaps the simplest thing is to choose a new haircut, after all, if you don’t like it, it’s going to come back and go back to your old style. We’re not used to the changes too much, the cuts are less scary than coloring your hair and then you don’t face an intense phase of repentance. And if that’s the case, we’d like to tell you it’s in the right place.

Inspirational 10 Cool Women Hairstyle

2019 has come as the year of different looks and changes in women. Many celebrities have decided to play with their hair and have considered the greatest achievements to make your task easier. And now that you’re looking for your next look, you’ll find all the inspiring hairstyles and cuts you need. Remember, these are the coolest haircuts of celebrities.

Sharp haircuts

Hailey Baldwin’s favorite. A haircut with a bob, lobe, or midi length is important here. involves sharp cutting, not double cut. Ideal for thick and heavy hair.

Long and side floors

This is the perfect cut to add texture to when you have very fine hair; Long layers under the chin and side cuffs. If you have a round face, the floors help framing your features.

Angular lobe

Yeah, we’re still talking about lobe haircuts, but with tissue. Margot Robbie is an excellent example of how 2018 is used. Just over the shoulder, angular and ideal to be able to stylize in different ways.

Bangs haircuts

If you think that the Bangs do not go well with all their face shapes, Selena Gomez will confirm that you are wrong. The trick is that it has long bangs. This is unnoticeable, almost fringed.

Wavy bob

Who said short hair is only for old women? Jourdan Dunn is the clearest proof that this is not the case. This trick is to respect the natural volume of your hair. Doubling the line will help you balance proportions.

Baby Bangs

Emma Watson can inspire everyone. There’s no way out here, or you love her, or you hate her. To visually balance the proportions of your face, you should keep the rest of your hair under control. If you keep your face on your shoulders or slightly underneath, you will better frame your face.

Midi length

For those who believe curly haircuts are boring. Jennifer Lawrence showed that this season is no longer colder than the average. It is ideal for defining your curls, you just need to ask your stylist to lift the middle weights and keep them in the hair follicles.

Curly lobes

It’s time to fall in love with your curls, and Kerry Washington’s appearance will help you do that. By touching your vest, you will cut over your shoulders as if you were in the lobby, creating the perfect silhouette and controlling the volume.

Volume and floors old / school style

A perfect cut more from the 70s. The trick is to keep the length on the floors, just below the shoulder. The eaves are optional, but if you decide someone, they are the long sides of Elsa Hosk.

Extra Short Angular Bob

And with a slight burden. When we saw Irina Shayk’s perspective, we knew it would be a trend. Perfect for hard cuts; You’ll want your stylist to cut it under the ears, in the furry layers, and with a little laughter.


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