10 Chocolate Brown Hair Color For a Natural Look 2019

Brown hair color

If you want to dye your brown hair color but also give it a little light, we list you 10 perfect chocolate tone hair colors for a natural look. Brighten and modernize your hair with these stunning shadows and sparkles.

Chocolate Brown Hair Color

If you really just want a chocolate tone, I suggest you make it a little reddish to give your hair more light.

Espresso Color Shades

If you want to give your chocolate hair more shine, you can give the effect of espresso color. For this I suggest some lighting in a lighter shade.

Copper Sparkles

Now, if you want to give your chocolate tone more light, add shades of copper. Your hair will look super natural but will have more volume.
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Gold and Mocha Shadows

Gold and mocha shades make your chocolate tone lighter. If this is the effect you are looking for, this option will please you.


Balm is like a road from dark to light tones. If you want the chocolate tone to be a beautiful blonde, try this note.

Platinum Makeup

There are a few shades of makeup, but one of my favorites for chocolate is platinum. It makes your hair look super natural.

Gold Thin Lights

This will certainly be a contrast, but if the shade is thin, it will shine your hair and look very natural.

Yellow Color Shadows

These chocolate colors already go more to blondes, but if you want to lighten your hair, lighten the roots with chocolate and the rest with yellow shades…

Dark Brown Hair Dye

if you want, choose the black tone and add only the shades of light chocolate that give a light light to the top.

Dark Brown Hair Dye

If you want a very dark hair tone, choose a nearly black tone and add only light lights in a very dark tone.

chocolate brown hair color
brown hair color
brown hair color
light brown hair color
light brown hair color
light brown hair
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light brown hair dye
chocolate brown hair color
chocolate brown hair color

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